Do you offer recovery amenities?

Yes. As a member, you gain access to our HydroMassage Beds, Hyperice Massage Tools, Human Touch Massage Chairs, Normatec Compression Massage Therapy and more.

Recovery amenities vary by location.

  • HydroMassage Beds - Uses jets of warm, pressurized water to target particular areas of the body. That water pressure is the “hydro” part of HydroMassage. Enhance the feeling of well-being and deep relaxation
  • Hyperice Massage Tools -  From active to athlete, the Hyperice tools such as HyperVolt, Vyper and the Hypersphere are designed for enhanced muscle recovery so you can get up and go. 
  • Human Touch Massage Chairs - Full-body massage and zero gravity massage chair recliners to melt away stress, alleviate pain and put you into a state of complete relaxation.
  • Normatec Compression Massage Therapy - Dynamic Air Compression. Delivers a precise restorative massage treatment to your body allowing you to recover faster, increase your circulation, and feel fully revived for your next workout.
  • Cold Plunge (Fillmore Only) - This exclusive benefit is available to All Gym Access Members at no extra charge, setting us apart as the sole gym in San Francisco to provide this incredible value. It is designed to help you:
    • Accelerate Recovery: Cold water immersion can reduce muscle inflammation and soreness, helping you recover faster between workouts.
    • Boost Circulation: The Cold Plunge can enhance blood circulation, promoting overall cardiovascular health.
    • Revitalize Your Mind: It's not just about physical benefits – cold plunges can also invigorate your mind and leave you feeling refreshed.