What is the "Mental Wellness" feature?

The Mental Wellness feature is designed to improve your mood and help overcome psychological barriers to your fitness goals. It provides tools and strategies for a healthier mind and body.

All FITNESS SF memberships now include access to our mental wellness platform within the FITNESS SF App (powered by ZAMA Health), which is designed to boost your mood and tackle mental hurdles affecting your fitness progress. Once you complete your mental wellness onboarding through the FITNESS SF App, you can unlock these features:

  • Self-Guided Modules covering financial literacy, mental health, and sports psychology.
  • "Locker Room" where you connect anonymously with fitness peers from across the country who are experiencing similar challenges.
  • Recommendations for local wellness resources and get discounted rates to therapy and psychiatry services.
  • Automate Accountability with self care exercises and reminders, and programming recommendations based on goals and progress
  • Clinical Support - Affiliate members gain access to clinicians trained on athlete pressures and needs
  • Privacy - Encrypted data at rest and in transit, No personal user data sharing